Video: Chevy WTCC Champ Yvan Muller Drifts his Camaro

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Yvan Muller takes his Camaro for a spin in Spain.

World-renowned racing champ Yvan Muller recently piloted the new Camaro in a nice spot for his sponsor Chevrolet. Filmed at the Navarra Circuit in Spain, the video was shot by Muller and his compadres rather than by the American automaker. Now, you might be thinking this is a Ken Block parody but it's not. Well, it might be, as the purpose for the video was to secure enough funding to make a second and possibly a series of short films with Muller showing off his skills.

His scorched-yellow trim Camaro puts out a solid 426hp and a max torque of 427lb-ft of torque. You can see him smoking some tires and drifting past a cute gal in the video below.

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Most recently, Muller is a WTCC World Champion driving for Chevrolet. His other achievements include winning the British F2 championship, French Touring Car Championship and the British Touring Car Championship in 2003 while finishing runner-up four other years. Amongst those accomplishments, he also took the Andros Trophy Ice Racing Championship a record 10 times and piled up another record 46 race victories.

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