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Video: Chi-Town Gets Down: First Eight-Second GT-R

The Alpha 12 boasts 1500hp and goes from 60mph to 130mph in 3.34 seconds.

Chicago tuners AMS have been setting the bar pretty high when it comes to performance numbers on their Alpha Series Nissan GT-R. The impressive car has set a new record in the quarter-mile by hitting the 8-second mark. The Alpha 12 GT-R, according to AMS, boasts some really hefty numbers. The car blasts out 1500hp and also sets a street car record for 60mph to 130mph in 3.34 seconds.

The record was set on July 26th and the Alpha 12 was piloted by Special Projects Technician Ivan Phipps. Official time for the quarter mile was 8.975 seconds. The GT-R hit a top speed of 169.49mph. The Alpha 12 can top out close to 230mph and when AMS finishes its final drive upgrade, it could hit well over 250mph.

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