Video: Chris Harris Takes the Audi A1 Quattro for a Spin on Ice

It’s designed for city use, so where better to test drive the special edition A1 then a frozen lake in Sweden.

Whether or not a frozen lake in Sweden is the best place in the world to test drive the high-performance hatchback is frankly a moot point, as given only 333 Audi A1 Quattros will be built, they are all certain to find a good home. Taking it out on ice will tell you nothing about its grip and cornering capabilities, nor how it will perform on the city streets where it will be predominantly driven around. Of course, that didn't stop Chris Harris from turning up to the launch of the 252hp extreme hot hatch.

In addition to chukcing the £40,000 car around the Arjeplog frozen lake track with the systems off, he also manages to get a ride in Stig Blomqvist's Sport Quattro and generally soak up Sweden's idyllic surrounds.

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