Super Bowl

Video: Clint Eastwood and Chrysler Rally America at Halftime

If Clint Eastwood says so, then it's best to do what he says.

Because he's Clint Eastwood. That's all there is to it. Chrysler's new commercial that aired during halftime at last night's Super Bowl was once again a success for the American automaker. And of course, a proper congratulations goes out to the Giants. As a continuation of last year's highly successful 'Imported From Detroit' theme, Chrysler wisely recruited a one Mr. Clint Eastwood to star in and narrate this year's installment. Overall, we really liked it and thought it was well done.

And thanks to Eastwood's sincerity, Chrysler's ad agency, and the backdrop of the Motor City up and running again, it's hard not to be inspired and proud. Moving on to the second half, let's hope that the Motor City continues its recovery. Anything less would simply piss off Dirty Harry and that's never a good thing.

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