Video: Completely Wrecked SUV Cruises down the Highway in Russia

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An SUV that has apparently been put in a car-crusher and left for dead was caught driving down a Russian highway at full speed.

We here at CarBuzz have seen some wild videos in our time, including some videos from Russia that have us asking ourselves the same question: "Why? Really, I mean why?" This video, straight from the Putin-Republic, shows a driver cruising down the highway in his SUV which has been totally wrecked. We aren't sure what caused all the damged to his SUV, however it is clear that it shouldn't be on the road.

The video was shot from a guy driving alongside this mangled piece of metal, and you can clearly see the passenger door and door behind it completely folded into the cabin of the car. The windows are smashed out and it's pretty obvious that his passenger's side mirror won't do him any help navigating. On the bright side, at least his taillights still work.

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