Video: Corvette Drag Race of Shame

And let the insults

As he drove to pick up a turkey for Thanksgiving one quick-thinking driver was alert to the fact a drag race was imminent as a pair of corvettes were revving away in front of him waiting for the lights to change. As he correctly points out, we have a Corvette C6 (on the left) and a C5 (on the right), and there was never a chance in hell these testosterone-fuelled petrol-heads weren't going to compare the size of their engines on this nice stretch of woodland road.

The race itself is short lived and thankfully no-one gets hurt but there's a lesson to be learned from the unfortunate result. If you're going to drag on the streets in public view, make sure not to piss your pants after 200 meters and lose control of your senses. Getting insurance may also be a good idea.

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