Video: Corvette Z06 Chases a Nissan GT-R Around the Texas MSR

Shot with a Chasecam HD, the video gives a driver’s-eye-view of a Z06 ‘Vette trying to keep up with Godzilla.

Whether it's another hot GT sports car or a good old fashioned muscle car, everyone wants to see if they can live with Nissan's flagship supercar killer. Of course when it comes to demonstrating their capabilities there's a huge responsibility on the driver to get the most out of a car. In the following video, drivers of the Corvette Z06 and Nissan GT-R are not exactly racing, merely doing some hot laps around the MotorSport Ranch Performance Car Country Club in Texas.

However, there's no doubt the 'Vette driver is doing his utmost to catch Godzilla, which makes for pretty cool viewing.

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