Video: Crash Followed by a Police Chase with Live Gun-fire in Riyadh


We have seen several 'Arab Drifting' videos lately, but this one certainly tumps them all.

This video was captured in Saudi Arabia, featuring some drifting and a police chase, as the title suggests. Well, Riyadh can get a bit crazy and this video reveals how, as Dave Chappelle so eloquently puts it, "When keeping it real goes wrong." The video opens like most other 'Arab Drifting' videos you might find on the internet. A pedestrian Honda Accord goes for a drift on a fairly empty road with plenty of people in attendance to watch. It crashes, a hearty chuckle is had by all.

Then it goes from calm to crazy as the Saudi cavalry swarms in, lights a blaze and sirens shrieking, sending the gallery scrambling to their cars and driving off en masse. The shocking part of this video is that you can clearly hear live gunfire from the policeman and drifters, if you will, sending people panicking and fleeing for their lives.

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