Video: Crazy Video of Three Kids Riding in a Trunk in Korea

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This video was taken on a busy roadway in South Korea. Three children are seated in the trunk of some negligent driver while a man follows with his camera.

We have seen some disturbing videos in our time, however this one might have to take the cake. This video, straight from South Korea, shows a man driving down the road with three kids. That might not sound too bad, considering many people drive around with their children in the back. The problem here is that they weren't in the back seat, they were in the trunk. Not much information is given concerning the incident, as we're not even sure if the driver taking this video notified authorities of the incident.

The driver wasn't cruising down the highway, mind you, but on a busy street in South Korea one slip or fall out of the trunk would mean instant crushing underneath the wheels of the car behind you. Check out this insane video below and from your friends here at CarBuzz, buckle-up, don't put your kids in the trunk.

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