Video: CSI Amateurs Unravel Mystery of Abandoned Lamborghini Wreck


New Jersey locals stumble upon a wrecked Lamborghini and use all their powers of detection to unravel the mystery behind its sorry demise.

In Hackensack, New Jersey, a pair of local Crime Scene Investigator wannabes investigate one sorry-looking Lamborghini that looks to have been abandoned after a serious accident.

Combining their powers of female intuition ("look at this car...oh it's a Lamborghini...damn"), car knowledge ("you know this is made by Audi?"), daring ("I'm afraid to touch it. Are you sure that's blood? It looks like dirt") and a mix of Jersey Shore English and ghetto Spanish, the pair come to the conclusion the car must have been totaled by driving under a truck. Mystery solved. In actual fact, there is no concrete information to go with this video at the time of writing but we'll be sure to update if anything comes to light. Meanwhile, the car crash investigators will be off to find another ruined supercar to play detective with.

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