Video: Dai Yoshihara Battles Tanner Foust

Watch as Dai Yoshihara goes up against Tanner Foust in the 2010 Formula Drift Championship Series.

Most of know by now that Tanner Foust is not only one of the hosts of Top Gear US, but he's also an amazing driver. Having won drifting championships, competed in the Summer X Games Rally, and a many other events, there's no telling what else is ahead of him. And now we get to see him driving from the view of another competitor. In this video, we can see what it's like to be competing against Foust.

Taken from the driver's seat of Falken Tire driver Dai Yoshihara as he battles Foust on the streets of Long Beach in the 2010 Formula Drift Championship Series, the thrill of drifting is clearly apparent. The video was shot on a 100 percent HD HERO camera, so the quality is really solid.

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