Video: Dartz Prombron Black Dragon for China

Dragons. Armor. Bullets. Dartz.

Dartz has just released a video of their latest creation and it is, well, typically over the top. The Black Dragon Prombron, made especially to commemorate the Year of the Dragon in China, features gold bullets on the rims and a dragon badge made out of gold, diamonds and rubies. The 'pullman-saloon,' as the Latvian company calls it, is more of an SUV-styled limo than anything else. It is 600mm longer than the regular Prombron and features a 42-inch Phillips TV, satellite link, WiFi and more.

The Dartz Prombron Black Dragon is expected to cost a whopping 50,000,000 RMB, or $7 million. They say only 12 will be produced, and given the price tag that isn't so surprising. Check out the clip below of the exterior of Dartz's latest creation.

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