Drag Race

Video: Drag Race Firebird Catches Fire

In a case of automotive irony, this classic Pontiac Firebird catches on fire in a debacled drag race.

So you go to a drag race expecting to see, well, a drag race. And when it's a professional event, as opposed to an amateur street race, one would likely expect for there to be plenty of professional drivers who can handle all of that increased power under the hood. But still, mistakes can and do happen. In the case of this classic Pontiac Firebird that's been converted for drag race duties, the driver quickly lost control and crashed the car into the wall. Funny enough, the parachute still managed to deploy.

The damage must have been quite severe as the engine soon caught on fire. Drag racing (or any racing) certainly has its risks and we're glad that the driver came out alright. Then again, the Firebird appropriately lived up to its name. That's what you'd call ironic.

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