Video: Drivers’ Amazing Escape as Trucks Fall From Cliff

Tow truck comes to the rescue but ends up at the bottom of a cliff, taking the broken-down truck with it.

Breaking down on a snow-capped cliff in the middle of nowhere is never ideal especially when perched perilously close to the edge. Yet when a salvage truck arrives and gets to work on a rescue mission, thoughts of getting home to a nice warm fire and cup of tea will start coming into focus. However, as this amazing footage taken in Nordland county, Norway demonstrates, it's never a good idea to relax too much.

Watch as the rescue truck slips down the cliff, taking the broken-down truck with it. The driver of the tow truck manages to jump to safety before gravity takes over, but the guy getting "rescued" isn't so quick to react. Incredibly, he managed to survive the fall with only a broken arm.

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