Video: E30 BMW 3-Series Gets a Makeover

Polish tuners pit their reborn E30 3-Series against a variety of motor vehicles.

Without exception, the BMW 3-Series is one of the best models the German automaker has ever produced. Beginning in 1975, the 3-Series has nearly come to define the premium sport sedan/coupe segment. With other automakers trying for years to build a better competitor, the 3-Series has always managed to reign supreme. And now that the car is in its sixth generation, we've been able to watch it evolve through the years into the near-perfect ultimate driving machine it's become.

But that's not to say that previous generations should be written off entirely. As this video shows us, there's still plenty of life left in the old E30 generation. Once the Polish tuners worked their magic, the car was completely transformed into something that goes up against a tractor-trailer and even a tank.

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