Video: ECOmove QBEAK: Both Odd And Semi-Futuristic

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As demand slowly continues to increase for EVs, there seems to be more niche automakers racing to build the so-called latest and most mobile/versatile EV yet. And now Danish EV company is presenting their take on the subject. Not that we're excited for this, as some of these types of cars can look halfway decent, such as the Tesla Roadster. Others, well, there may simply be no hope.

In the case of the ECOmove QBEAK, we're pretty sure it's not going to come close to winning over many fans who have an appreciation for good automotive design. Resembling something that looks kind of a like an escape pod from some amusement park ride for children, this plastic-bodied convertible supposedly has a range of 18 to 186 miles, depending on how one drives. And to make riding in it even more fun (an amusement park like), it can sit three across in the front seat. You know, for efficiency purposes.

If this is the future of transportation, green or not, then we're stuck in a world where the speed limit will max out at maybe 30 mph and we sit three-across in the front seat. Suddenly a few hybrids don't look so bad.

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