Video: Eric Clapton's Bespoke Ferrari 458 Italia Leaves London Showroom

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The discreet footage is a bit wobbly but this car may never be spied again.

Following a few pictures of this one-off three million pound creation spotted this week at an HR Owen showroom in London, perennial supercar snapper and YouTube user Shmee150 uploaded footage of the car as it was leaving for delivery, as well as close-up shots of the bespoke sports car. According to an insider at the dealership, rumors that the car is based on a 458 Italia are spot on, while the car has indeed maintained its V8 and does not have the V12 Clapton allegedly requested.

The official name of the car is SP12 EPC, which is code for Special Program 12 (for V12 tribute) and Eric Patrick Clapton.

Shmee 150's video description says: "This is the new Ferrari SP12, a Special Project creation built for Eric Clapton for a cost of £3m over a period of 2 years. The car is based on the framework and engine of the Ferrari 458 Italia but features numerous design changes to tweak it back to an appearance of Ferraris of old including the 512 Boxer and the headlights from the Enzo." "The car had originally planned to be a 12-cylinder version but clearly this was too much to ask and as such it seems to run the V8 and controls of the normal car."

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