Video: Evo's Chris Harris Sits Shotgun in McLaren F1 GTR

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There aren't many cars that will frighten Chris Harris to the core, but the McLaren F1 GTR is one of them.

The McLaren F1 is arguably the most exciting car ever made and the best sounding car ever made, so says Evo's Chris Harris. Here, the main man gets the chance to get behind the wheel of the GTR race version, with the same unique central driving position but with one seat instead of three, and one set of seat belts. Worth millions, this particular F1 is mechanically identical to the 1995 Le Mans winner but with Michelin Pilot Sport street tires instead of racing slicks.

A combination of 600hp and 1100kg results in blistering pace, something Harris gets to experience while sitting shotgun without a seat or seatbelt. The occasional comment such as 'the noise is sensational' and 'oi! I've got no seatbelt on you nutter!' is all he can manage as he concentrates on trying to keep his obvious fear under control.

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