Video: Exploding MG Midget at 1000 FPS Will Make Your Day Better

And 3-2-1....yes, it's going to blow up.

Who doesn't love watching things explode? We certainly do...with the exception of when that object(s) belongs to us or has any sort of monetary value. And now Speed TV's Stuntbusters has done their own Michael Bay-like car explosion, but without the added CGI effects. In this recently posted video, it appears that the show's producers opted to engulf an old MG Midget into a giant ball of flames. Yes, it's looks awesome.

We think the episode aired just last night, but in case you missed it, simply watching this slow motion minute-long video is probably good enough. Just a warning: if you attempt to replicate this pyromaniac-like stunt at home, it likely won't end well for anyone.

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