Video: Ferrari 458 Italia Goes Nearly 200mph on the Highway

What? No speed limit?

Simply put: How awesome would it be to do this?! Take your Ferrari 458 Italia out on the freeway, hit the gas, and just fly by everyone else as you cruise to nearly 200mph in a blaze of "I'm faster than you glory." That's exactly what this owner did very recently on an undisclosed freeway (which was also probably a good idea not to announce). Thanks to the speedometer tacked on at the bottom of the screen, we're able to watch as the driver gets up to almost 200mph (328 km/h).

Amazingly, he doesn't seem to have many problems with other cars in the way; they must have been able to hear him come up from behind. Regardless of the broken speed limit, it looks like an awful lot of fun and the 4.5-liter, 570hp V8 is pure gearhead harmony. Consider us jealous.

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