Video: Ferrari 599 GTB Burns to a Crisp in Dubai

For whatever reason, December has already been a terrible month for the health of supercars around the world.

The other day we saw possibly the most expensive supercar crash in the world from Japan. The accident contained eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini and three Mercedes models with a total estimated damage of $4 million. As horrific as that sounds, this particular Ferrari suffered a slow disintegration into the streets of Dubai. This video comes from the United Arab Emirates and shows a Ferrari 599 GTB burning to the ground.

Though spontaneous combustion hasn't been scientifically proven in people, the 599 GTB seemingly did so as the driver and his passenger cruised down the street in Dubai. Both immediately jumped out of the car upon its eruption into flames and were safe with no injuries reported. Except possibly to the owner's wallet.

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