Video: Ferrari Enzo Delivered in One Beautiful Piece

A wonderful work of art is captured being unloaded from a delivery truck…but will it make it in one piece?

As it approaches its tenth birthday the Enzo looks as stunning as ever, with its yellow carbon-fiber aerodynamic body housing a beastly 6.0-liter V12 and an array of Formula 1 technology. There's also an aftermarket tubi exhaust that makes a growling soundtrack as the Enzo is carefully backed out of the truck. The supercar in question here is being delivered with consummate care and professionalism, as you would expect given its one of only 400 ever made with a price tag around the $1 million mark.

Nevertheless, it's an anxious wait for the Enzo to be finally grounded. Let's just hope this one doesn't meet the same fate as the one that was crashed by Eddie Griffin (that still haunts us).

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