Video: Ferrari Supercars Celebrating and Spinning

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2012 is Ferrari's 65th anniversary and a few Ferrari fans found a brilliant way to commemorate the occasion.

Car marketing executives like anniversaries. It brings out the best in their creativity when they connect their sales massages with some history and heritage of the brand.

This year Ferrari is celebrating its 65th anniversary, and though this video may not be an official release, it displays four generations of the Ferrari super car, three of them launched on the occasion of the anniversary. The first to appear is a 1984 GTO, the second is a 1987 F40 the last Ferrari road car that Enzo Ferrari approved and commemorated for the firm's 40th anniversary; the third is a 1997 F50, to mark Ferrari's half century, and the fourth is a 2002 Ferrari Enzo that marked Ferrari's 55th year as an automaker (the year denotes not the specific year of the car in the video, but the model's release year).

The entire quartet is made up of mid-engine supercars; the first two are equipped withV8 turbo engines and the latter two with V12s. All told a little over 2,000 units of these four supercar models were produced and the F40 with 1,300 units was the most popular; however all became a legend in their own right. As the F40 turns 25 this year, it's nice to see it still capable of some tire-destroying spins.

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