Video: Fifth Gear Host Drives the Ferrari 458 Spyder

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Is the Ferrari 458 Spyder more thrilling than its Italia coupe sibling?

Fifth Gear host Vicki Butler-Henderson recently had the chance to get behind the wheel of the new Ferrari 458 Spyder. And, as if we should be surprised, she absolutely loved the thing. With its mid-mounted 4.5-liter V8 with 570hp, it has a top speed of 198mph, slightly less than its coupe sibling's 204mph ability. In the end, however, she doesn't seem to care much due to the open top's acoustic joy. That wonderful V8 sound and driving experience definitely excites her and nearly brings tears to her eyes.

It's literally car porn. And to make the experience even better, Butler-Henderson is driving the 458 Spyder through Ferrari's home turf of Maranello, Italy.

In the end, her biggest complaint was how the clear panel over the engine is now gone, replaced by the not clear cover for the folding roof. To have the same experience, be prepared to throw down over $225,000. Worth. Every. Penny.

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