Video: Find the Hidden Dodge Journeys

Dodge is offering one of three Journeys to anyone who can find where they've been hidden in unknown locations across the U.S.

As Dodge's revival continues, the automaker is busy promoting their newly revamped and much-improved lineup to the American buying public with the promise their vehicles are of better quality than they were just a couple short years ago. And now, Dodge has launched a new ad campaign that features clues to three Journey crossovers that are hidden around the U.S. And if you manage to find one first, then it's yours.

From now until September 27th, clues can be found in new TV commercials and online at Dodge's official YouTube channel. The three Journeys are apparently hidden by region, with one each in the West, Midwest, and East.

Dodge will be unveiling more clues in new commercials, but the kicker is that it's up to you to get to the location(s) you think the Journey is hidden at. It's a pretty smart campaign, but it'll be interesting to see if there's any brawling if more than one person finds a Journey at the same time at the same location.

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