Video: Ford Uses Legos to Make an Explorer

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This full-size Lego replica of the Ford Explorer will soon go on display at the newly built Legoland theme park in Florida.

We bet you didn't make something like this with your childhood Lego sets. Without a doubt we didn't. As a part of their partnership with the newly-built, 150-acre Legoland Orlando, Florida theme park, Ford has created a full-scale model of their Explorer out of some 380,000 Lego bricks. A total of 22 designers were involved in the project. All told, the model weighs 2,654 pounds and is built around a 786 pound aluminum support frame.

The finished product made its debut just a couple of days ago at Ford's Chicago plant where the real road-ready Explorers are built. After completing its display time at the Chicago plant, it'll be transported to its permanent home, Legoland.

Apparently, the trailer that'll be transporting the model will have transparent sides that will allow passing drivers to view it on the highways. Upon arrival in Orlando, it'll be parked in front of the "Ford Driving School for Children" attraction that lets kids experience a driving simulation. The new theme park opens on October 15th, but for now check out the video of the model under construction.

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