Video Game YouTuber Reveals Why He Thinks Ford Let Him Buy A GT

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Have you ever heard of CaptainSparklez? You're about to.

Slowly but surely we are learning who did and who did not get approved to purchase the new Ford GT. We know that automotive YouTuber Shmee150 , fellow YouTuber DragTimes and DJ Deadmau5 will all get to buy a GT. But aside from DragTimes, whose video we actually got to see, we don't really know what makes a successful application. Well now we have a bit more insight courtesy of Reddit and YouTube gamer CaptainSparklez, aka Jordan Maron. Yes, a guy who goes by CaptainSparklez will soon be driving a GT.


Maron commented on a Reddit post in the r/cars subreddit titled "Successful Ford GT applicants: What was your application like?" In it he makes mention of leaning heavily on his social media clout. His YouTube channel has 9.4 million subscribers and his Twitter followers currently sit at 1.76 million. As for his video, he said that it was shot selfie-style in his garage. He kept it simple, "making mention of my lifetime interest in cars, the fact that the car will be driven an ample amount." Now you might be wondering why Ford would select a video game YouTuber when it denied a car YouTuber like Rob Ferretti (of superspeedersRob). CaptainSparklez thinks it's because Ford may want some diversity among its owners.

The Captain is only 24 years old and his channel appeals to a market not normally interested in supercars. As he says, his relative outsider status was "probably a benefit, rather than a hindrance." A dedicated car audience is already going to be aware of the vehicle and seek out coverage on it, but an audience not as familiar brings in additional discovery. "If even a mere 10-20 people who may not have otherwise seen the car became lifetime Ford fans as a result, that breaks them even on the investment," he told Reddit. While he used his atypical occupation and youth to his advantage, Maron did make it sound like he's a gearhead.

He apparently used to own a Ford GT and said that he's involved with car-related charities. A little social media snooping shows that he owns a Bentley Continental GT, a Fiat 500 Abarth and a McLaren 675LT (we're pretty sure). In his post he says he'll "drive the hell out of it" and that he may "make some content around the production of the car leading up to delivery" if given the chance. While it currently seems like only famous people have been getting a shot at the GT, CaptainSparklez says this isn't true. He claims that over on the GT forums there are plenty of anonymous, at least in the public's eye, Ford lifers celebrating their new supercars.

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