Video: Gemballa-tuned Ferrari Enzo MIG-U1 Spotted in Dubai

A militant tuning package transforming an Enzo into something almost unrecognizable turns heads in Dubai.

German-tuner Gemballa recently transformed a Ferrari Enzo into something quite spectacular, although their interpretation of what is undoubtedly an iconic car may not be to all Ferrari purists' tastes. Filmed in Dubai, we can see the Mig-U's aerodynamics have been much revised with massive F1-inspired front and rear wings, modified air intakes & outlets, and overall sharper bodywork that affords it a stealth-like quality.

A new exhaust system and remapped ECU has increased power to 700hp, whilst an electro-hydraulic height-adjustment system can be used to raise the front end, adorned with LED daylights, by 45mm. Perhaps not the most beautiful supercar of all time, there are some nice touches on show here courtesy of a radical tuning.

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