2011 Geneva Motor Show

Video: Geneva 2011: Saab PhoeniX

For the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Saab has decided to show us exactly how wrong a company's marketing department can go. They've achieved this by coining a new word to describe the styling of their new and highly appealing PhoeniX concept car. That word is "aeromotional", and if you just read that without rolling your eyes, then apply for a job in advertising right now. For the rest of us, the PhoeniX is just plain bad-ass.

The PhoeniX borrows heavily from jet-fighter design, in a nod to Saab's aeronautical past, and they've applied these touches in all the right ways. This would theoretically be a way for you get the kind of jet-fighter coolness that Lamborghini built into the Reventon but at a much lower price. Except that they won't build it. Radical designs like this never get built, but since Saab penned this design with an underpowered hybrid drivetrain, perhaps it's for the best. The last thing we need is another hybrid dressed up as a sports car.

Enjoy the video below.

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