Bonneville Salt Flats

Video: Go 462mph with the Speed Demon and G. Poteet at the Salt Flats

The Speed Demon Bonneville Blow Fuel Streamliner again ran on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Now you can ride along at 462mph.

Back in August, we brought you a front-row seat of George Poteet's record breaking run on the Bonneville Salt Flats. At that time he hit 426mph in his Speed Demon Streamliner. Well, he and his crew are back for another run on the famed speed-inducing surface and he is bringing us along for the ride. Crushing his previous speed record of 426mph, Poteet's crew used 4 RePlay XD cameras to film his run of 462mph on the salt flats and truth be told, it's quite intimidating.

He recorded a standing mile of 458.189 mph with an exit speed of 462.345 mph. For a refresher, the Speed Demon ran a 347 cubic-inch V8 motor coupled with 2 Turbonetics "Demon" turbochargers that can put out over 2,200hp. The engine has been tweaked before this latest run. Check out his epic run below.

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