Video: Go Clubbing with the FondTech E-11 Prototype Revealed

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EV racecars are showing up everywhere and FondTech hopes to make a lasting impression with their E-11.

FondTech is stepping into the electric racing game with their E-11 prototype. The Italian aerodynamic engineering firm is following in the steps of the Peugeot EX1 and Nurburgring EV single-lap record holders Toyota in the chase for electric-speed-supremacy. The awkward looking FondTech E-11 EV racer is equipped with three large lithium-ion battery packs, two electric motors (one front-mounted and one rear-mounted) along with all-wheel-drive and an energy recovery system.

The Italians believe that their E-11 could go toe-to-toe with an F3 car for 20 minutes. The single-seat racecar is the first from FondTech and they hope it is the first in a long line of Formula REV racing concepts. Testing is scheduled to begin in 2012 and production could follow after. Check out the preview of the EV racer set to a 'let's go clubbing' soundtrack.

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