Video: Gorgeous Russian Girls Fight Driving on Sidewalks

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Several daring Russian girls are combating dangerous driving practices on the streets of Moscow.

When I was attending university, one of the biggest traffic problems we had occurred when the city decided that bikes were meant to be ridden on the road, not on the sidewalks. Sidewalks, we were told, were for walking pedestrians only. Well apparently in Russia there is a much bigger problem than bikes on the pedestrian-pathways. Seeing cars driving on the sidewalks of Moscow and other Russian cities has become a serious problem as of late.

Whether the motive for the dangerous behavior is trying to beat the traffic or just to get a shortcut to the drivers preferred destination, the practice has led to countless injuries and even death. The Russian police, in between bottles of vodka and potato sandwiches, haven't had a lot of time to deal with the situation. Step in Russian super-group-of-girls. Calling themselves "Stop XAM (pronounced Ham)," which loosely translates to (kids, earmuffs, or whatever the journalistic term is for not reading a bad word) bastards, they are a group of young people who do not 'tolerate rudeness on the roads in all its manifestations.'

Part of their mantra is to combat bad driving practices by confronting the perpetuators in mid-travel. Sometimes it turns ugly, as seen in this video, however the members refuse to use obscene language. They even catch a member of the Russian army driving on the sidewalk. Check out the clip below of the girls of our dreams in action.

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