Video: Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Goes Viral


The GTA 5 trailer is getting gamers more than a little excited about its imminent arrival.

The virtual worlds of the Grand Theft Auto games have been keeping gamers entertained ever since the Playstation 2 made the sandbox-style of gameplay so appealing.

Joyriding across town and jacking vehicles at will has been more than a little addictive, and with the last GTA hitting the streets back in 2008, the fifth installment has been a long time in the making. This time round, Rockstar North has developed a fictional and stylized version of California's LA and Hollywood districts, and based their story around a father who has moved to the area to escape his old life, only for it to soon catch up with him. The trailer debuted just yesterday and already we're having heated debates as to its release date, with some saying this month and others saying as late as next May.

What we can say is that the blue Audi R8 (spot it?) is sure to be a popular choice of vehicle to steal and then smash around the city in. Hopefully gamers won't have to wait too long to add the latest installment to their collection.

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