Video: Greenpeace 'Uses the Force' Against VW

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Videos put on websites such as YouTube have gained huge followings and has become a great and cost effective way for companies and organizations to expand their reach. Greenpeace, the highly polarizing environmentalist group, is fighting against CO2 car emissions that make their way into the atmosphere and consequently destroy our O-zone layer. The topic of global warming has become a hot-button issue over the last few years.

Greenpeace has decided to take on VW in the battle for a cleaner planet and cleaner automotive emissions. Greenpeace is claiming that VW is opposing cuts to CO2 emissions and put together a funny and clever play on the terrific VW Star Wars Super Bowl commercial.

Watch out for 8 year old Lando Calrissian aka Billy Dee Williams rocking that awesome 'stache. Classic. With over 130,000 views already, you do have to give Greenpeace credit, it is a terrific take on an already terrific commercial. Check both the original and the spoof out below.

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