Video: Heart-Pounding Shelby Cobra Crash at Willow Springs

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Gut-wrenching crash at Willow Springs caught on video as a day at the track goes terribly wrong.

Riding along in the cockpit on an in-car camera during a wreck at 130mph is harrowing stuff. Filmed inside a Shelby Cobra on the track at Willow Springs, the driver is cruising down the front straight when something goes terribly wrong.

YouTube user catoobusy said of his crash "On the front straight doing 130mph, something breaks. The cobra veers hard right and off track. The car leaves a 6O foot gash in the asphalt as it veered before leaving the track and continued for an additional 500 feet off track to its resting point. I received only minor injuries to my left knee and bruised ribs." Talk about lucky. Well, if you are in the market for an engine and tranny, he is selling his 426cid stroked Winsdsor along with his Tremec 5 speed/road race gears. One crash is one too many for this brave guy to continue on the track. After seeing this wreck, you might just agree.

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