Video: Helicopter Crash During Top Gear Korea Stunt


Performing stunts for entertainment purposes can carry a price.

First and foremost, nobody was seriously hurt or killed neither in the helicopter nor on the ground. Unfortunately, doing high-profile stunts always carries a risk (just ask Richard Hammond). This latest incident took place while a stunt was being filmed at Coolidge Airport in Coolidge, Arizona on March 1st for an episode of 'Top Gear Korea.' The idea was to showcase the retired AH1 Cobra military helicopter in a film with a speeding Corvette.

However, the pilots lost control and a local resident just happened to catch the crash on video. Amazingly, both pilots not only survived, but they were treated on the scene by paramedics and were able to walk away from the crash.

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According to Coolidge Police Chief Joe Brugman, it was the helicopter's safety gear that saved the pilots. Initial reports so far have indicated a mechanical failure of some sort, but nothing is conclusive just yet.