Video: HGK Racing BMW 3-Series goes Drifting in HD

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The BMW 3-Series racer looks great drifting around corners and hitting high speeds with an all-new open wheel racing style.

The BMW 3-Series coupe has been the favorite of European tuners for some time and the guys at HGK Racing have taken the tuning for the German's sporty ride to a whole new level. The Latvian motorsport team has been in business since 2006 and has worked their 3-Series into a drifting beast. Known in-house as the E46, the coupe can be seen drifting tight corners in full guise, then shredded down to racing level with only its roof and doors recognizable.

The chopped up racing variant looks great hitting high speeds with its lightweight tubular steel replacements. The open wheels really give the classic coupe a new racing-style look.

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The HGK 3-Series runs on a new LS3 6.2-liter V8 engine, which replaces the standard straight-six that BMW originally gave it. Total output for the coupe is measured at 500hp, thanks in part to an adjusted engine management system and new camshaft. No pricing information has been released as of this time, however the total conversion has taken about nine months.

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