Video: Hydrogen-Powered Lexus LFA-h Is A Surprising Package

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The Lexus LFA-h emits water and packs 600hp.

An environmentally-friendly supercar with a V10 and 600hp? Sign us up. A proposed hydrogen-powered Lexus LFA-h would accomplish both in spades, seen here in a video clip posted online. The LFA-h could finally unite gearheads and green-freaks, as the supercar emits only water and features more power than the standard gas-powered version. The gas-powered Lexus LFA packs a 552hp 4.8-liter V10 engine. It can hit a top speed of 202 mph, however all that performance comes with a serious price tag of $375,000.

Hydrogen is the epitome of cheap power and the ability to utilize that in a car would not only save serious cashish but also save the environment as well (if you believe in that whole 'global warming' thing that the kids are talking about nowadays).

Green energy and performance are combined in the hydrogen-powered Lexus LFA-h and if this proposed model ever gets built, we could see a 202-plus mph green supercar.

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