Video: Hyundai Uses Hypnotist to Make Us Fall In Love with i30 Hatch

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Using hypnosis to sell their cars must rank as Hyundai's weirdest publicity stunt.

Automakers spend millions on advertising and marketing to sell their latest creations, and in their latest attempt to make the masses fall madly in love with the new i30 hatch (Americans read Elantra) and then presumably run out and buy one, Hyundai have hired a hypnotist. Professional Peter Powers is a UK hypnotist employed by Hyundai Holland to implement an 'Online Hypnosis Experiment,' whereby willing participants can get hypnotized right through the computer screen.

To give you a taste of what to expect, Hyundai has released a trailer where three women are coaxed into falling in love with the i30 both on an emotional and physical level.

"Professional hypnotist Peter Powers will let you experience a unique online hypnosis experiment. An experiment that would be extremely illegal to broadcast on TV. None of the participants in this trailer are actors and the hypnosis is 100% real," so says the automaker's video description. Interested parties can then try out the experiment by heading to a dedicated Dutch website, where the British hypnotist will slowly and calmly tell you to fall in love with the i30, whose headlights he describes as eagle eyes and taillights like the wind. Try not to fall asleep, you might not wake up.

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