Video: It's Nice to Work For Google


If you were to Google up the words 'electric car', you would get approximately 53,100,000 results. As an employee of the search engine giant, you would be able to charge your car for free at the Googleplex Headquarters. Google has an electric car sharing service called Gfleet, which consists of some 30 Nissan Leafs, Toyota Priuses and Chevy Volts, which are all obviously green-friendly.

Google is now installing 150 'Level 1' 110-volt charges and 71 'Level 2' 240-volt chargers that will generously give their fortunate employees the chance to use and enjoy. Google certainly knows how to take care of their employees by going of their way to provide lavish parties, nice bonuses, free food and free transportation to name a few of the perks offered at their home base in Mountain View, California. By the way, Google ranked 4th overall on a list of the 100 Best Companies To Work For in 2010, a survey conducted by CNN Money.

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The company was originally founded as a startup back in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Google slowly became the largest and most powerful search engine on the web as well as one of the most valuable stocks on the market.

Not only is Google slowly taking over the future, but they are also looking to produce a nicer ecosystem in the process.