Video: Jay Leno Checks Out the 1,100HP Zenvo ST1


Jay Leno always has the most fun as he inspects the first-ever Danish supercar.

Even Jay Leno admits that sometimes he doesn't know anything about a particular automaker. While his car knowledge is vast (along with his collection), he's never heard of a Danish supercar. And that's where the Zenvo ST1 comes in. Speaking with the supercar company's Danish founders, they explain that they've built their own engine that produces 1,100hp. Leno is particularly impressed with the car's unique design, stating that it doesn't look like anything else on the road.

Leno is also pleased in that they built their own engine, instead of using one from another manufacturer. Mated to a single clutch seven-speed automatic, the overall engine detail work is also impressive with plenty of beautiful carbon fiber work.

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Weighing in at around 2,900 pounds, the prototype is an amazing car all-around and clearly earns Leno's seal of approval. Check out the complete video and see for yourself what exactly a Danish supercar is all about.