Video: Jay Leno's Favorite Brand is McLaren


The Tonight Show host discusses why McLaren has become his favorite automotive brand.

Yes, Jay Leno loves cars. And he has lots of dough to buy whatever cars he wants. And yet he doesn't own a single Ferrari. He's more of a Lamborghini guy. With more than 100 cars in his collection (along with around 90 motorcycles), Leno has now stated his favorite brand in this new video. That brand is none other than McLaren. As the owner of an F1 and now the new MP4-12C, Jay Leno takes the time to discuss a bit about his new supercar and how much he enjoys driving it.

And unlike many other supercars, McLaren's latest is also a comfortable daily driver that, somehow, managed to avoid the U.S. gas guzzler tax. Leno's influence in the industry is widely known, with many automakers (including McLaren) seeking his input on upcoming models. Despite all of his success, Leno is still just a car guy, pure and simple.

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