Video: Jay-Z and Kanye Have Words for Maybach

Jay-Z and Kanye West lend a helping hand to Maybach with some much-needed publicity.

It's no secret that Daimler is trying to figure out what to do with Maybach. Although the brand has history, it has not exactly been a money maker. There have even been reports claiming that Aston-Martin is interested in some sort of partnership with Maybach in the future. But in this latest music video, hip-hop artists Jay-Z and Kanye West have their own vision for the struggling uber luxury brand. The two give one car a complete body makeover with the assistance of a welding torch.

The video single, called "Otis," is part of the duo's new album "Watch the Throne." With the future of Maybach about to be decided in the coming weeks, it'll be interesting to see whether this video will generate the publicity needed to keep the brand going. The video isn't available for mobile devices (sorry), but you can see it in its entirety at

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