Video: JCB Joyride Wrecking Spree

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Watch as a crazy Brit decides to cause serious damage in a JCB digger.

A trail of destruction was left in a peaceful Nottinghamshire village as a "man possessed" thought it would be a laugh to joyride a JCB digger and take it for a little spin whilst wrecking whatever got in his way. Plowing through heavy iron gates, damaging vehicles and causing $23,000 worth of damage to a cemetery, all the action was caught on camera as police cars and a helicopter trailed him until a flat tire enabled the police and one really animated police dog to catch up with him.

Revealed to be a member of a gang that stole plant equipment, 34 year-old Steven Regan has been jailed for 4-and-a-half years after pleading guilty to offences ranging from dangerous driving to criminal damage and theft. Check out the police helicopter footage and decide for yourself whether this maniac should have gone down for longer.

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