Video: Jeremy Clarkson is Powered Up For Speed

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Once again, Jeremy Clarkson has all of the fun.

Every car guy/girl loves a good test track. How about a winding road along a glorious mountain range? Then throw in a Lamborghini, an Eagle E-Type, and a McLaren MP4-12c. This couldn't sound any more perfect to us. Unfortunately, it's not us taking part, but one of the world's most often seen faces in automotive news. Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has a new DVD and Blu-ray special appropriately titled "Powered Up," which is on sale now.

Driving some of the fastest cars in the world today, Clarkson is out on the Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France having the time of his life. Sadly, the most we can do is watch him have all of the fun, but we're sure the new DVD is most entertaining. In the meantime, they've released an official trailer that makes us want to see the whole thing.

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