Video: Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Halo Warthog

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I always knew that Jeremy Clarkson secretly pwned noobs after filming episodes of Top Gear.

Yesterday we ran an article on how video-game designer Electronic Arts has snaked the exclusive rights to Porsche for their Need for Speed franchise, thus beating rivals Turn 10. Well the makers of Forza Motorsport have hit back with a volley of their own and will feature the Warthog turret gun SUV from the Halo series. Now this may not seem like news fit for a car site, however the brilliant marketing department at Turn 10 has come up with something special that is sure to cause some envy from EA.

The video features a real review of the Halo tag-team mobile by famed Top Gear team member Jeremy Clarkson. He waxes poetically on the features of the appropriately-named M12 FAV Warthog, such as its "forward-housed low profile liquid-cooled hydrogen injected ICE IC plant coupled with an automatic infinitely variable transmission."

He also mentions the 'Hogs "single unit nanotube skeleton tires." Turn 10 were forced to drop plans for 35 Porsche models previously scheduled to appear in the upcoming Forza Motorsport 4 game, due out October 11th. The Warthog should be a decent enough option to destroy... defeat your virtual rivals.

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