Video: Joint Venture’s Race Truck Sets World Record


Whoever said a truck can't go fast?

We've all been in the situation where on the highway those big rigs always seem to drive too slowly. This results in backed-up traffic delays and lots of frustration. If only those semi-trucks just drove faster. Well, here's one possible (although highly unlikely) solution. This 4,500hp race truck from Joint Venture is powered by a 1,472 cubic-inch quad-turbocharged and twin supercharged sixteen-cylinder diesel engine. So where can such an engine normally be found? In a tug boat.

Seriously, although numerous modifications were done before it was transferred into the engine bay of a 1997 Freightliner truck.

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The transplant allowed for that truck to set a record back in 2006 as the World's Fastest Modified Diesel Truck with a top speed of 228.804 mph at Bonneville. And not just any driver can handle a rig of this type. The honor fell to Lockhead-Martin flight test engineer Mark Zwieg. Check out the video here showing the truck in 2010 doing a test run where it hit 217mph.