Video: Justin Bieber Receives Fisker Karma for 18th Birthday on Ellen


The world's most famous teenager loves his new car as number of people that hate him is set to increase.

Surely, with his untold wealth music sensation Justin Bieber must have everything his heart desires. So what do you get the world megastar for his birthday?

Well, on the Ellen show this week, we discovered that the teenage heart throb is not only a kind and caring young soul but also environmentally conscious. He also (shock horror) doesn't have a collection of supercars. Apparently, his manager works hard at trying to keep Bieber's feet on the ground, telling him not to be flashy, and reminding him to stay humble. So what does he get him for his birthday? A $100,000 blacked-out Fisker Karma. Click the link to watch the musical maestro's genuine surprise at the awesome present. Don't worry, he doesn't sing.

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