Video: Ken Block Ditches the Fiesta Rally for a V8 Supercar

Ken Block takes the rear-wheel-drive Ford Falcon V8 Supercar for a spin.

Gymkhana connoisseur Ken Block has traded in his left-hand-drive custom Fiesta rally car for a right-hand-drive Ford Falcon V8 supercar. Filmed in Australia, the Falcon belongs to Mark Winterbottom and Will Davison.

They switch rides and he rips up the track while the Aussies try their hands at Gymkhana, you know, for the full 'Ken Block Experience.' It's also important to know that Block's Fiesta is all-wheel-drive while the Falcon is rear-wheel-drive (not to mention 400kg heavier), leading to a totally different driving experience in both race cars. An example is Block, a seasoned racing vet, spinning out on the first lap.

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