Video: Ken Block Goes Hollywood: Gymkhana 4

Ken Block goes hooning in Hollywood.

Ken Block is back with his fourth installment of his Gymkhana series. Set in Universal Studios Hollywood, the movie theme plays throughout the piece while he kills attraction after attraction. Block drives his brand-new Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (HFHV) through stunts and explosions and almost takes out an ape. The car is an extremely flexible 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Ford Fiesta RS WRC. The engine packs a 600hp and 665lb-ft of torque punch.

The Gymkhana series has already amassed over 110 million views on YouTube and the fourth chapter doesn't disappoint. Movies spoofed include Planet of the Apes, Top Gun, Kill Bill and more. Also, though it might not need to be said, any video that opens up with Poison's "Nothin' but a Good Time" already gains instant bonus points.

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